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Automatic x ray bucky stand can replace the manually to realize the separation of man and machine

Not long ago, a customer wanted to buy an automatic x ray bucky stand.We all know that the x ray bucky stand is used with X-ray machines. From the most common X-ray film machines to CR equipment to today’s DR equipment, thex ray bucky stand has become one of the indispensable accessories. Thex ray bucky stand transitioned from the original simplex ray bucky stand to the electric one.

Previously, manual camera racks required people to manually adjust the height of the camera box, and then align the focus of the X-ray machine tube so that the focus of the camera box and the focus of the tube were in line. At present, the customer’s point is that they want an automatic film rack. Simply put, as the X-ray machine tube moves, the film box on the x ray bucky stand must move accordingly, as opposed to a linkage. Nature. And our current electric chest X-ray stand is limited to the up and down movement of the electric remote control camera box, and cannot control the up and down movement of the tube. There are no successful cases in the market for such a camera frame capable of autonomous linkage. With the widespread use of mobile DR, doctors have increased the performance requirements of the camera frame. But this kind of linked operation procedure is not so simple to realize. Perhaps this will be widely used in the near future.

At present, our company has conventional manualx ray bucky stand, electric x ray bucky stand, and DR dedicated x ray bucky stand. You only need to tell us what kind of equipment we need to use, and we can recommend a suitable x ray bucky stand for you.If you are interested in this device, welcome to contact us!

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