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Simple X-ray radiography table for mobile DR with flat panel detector

Inquiry about the simple filming table, the purchase list sent by the customer is that 1 simple filming table, 2 lead screens, width greater than or equal to 1.2m, 3 sets of doctor protective equipment, 1 lead hanger, tell us that we mainly do X-ray machines And accessories simple X-ray filming table, it is reported that there are currently two simple filming tables, both of which are mobile, one with a film cart under the table, and the other without a film cart. The customer said that the user purchases a simple X-ray filming table, which is For mobile DR with flat panel detector, the parameters of flat panel detector are as follows: Cesium iodide wireless mobile flat panel detector, 35 x 43 cm (14 x 17″)

The area is 34.48 x 42.12 cm (13.6 x 16.6″). It is told that this board can be used in our X-ray filming table. Ask about the thickness of the flat-panel detector. The customer said that it is 2.5CM. Normally, our simple X-ray filming table can Put a tablet within 2CM, if the user’s 2.5CM, we need to replace the film cart again.

The final customer confirms that they want NKPⅢA1, the table surface is made of transparent acrylic board, the table has a film cart, and it is equipped with a 35*43*2.5cm flattable. The film cart slot needs to be replaced with a simple X-ray filming table larger than 2.5cm. The contract has been made to the customer , The customer pays for the simple X-ray filming table on the same day, and the simple X-ray filming table will be shipped the next day.

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