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C-arm X-ray machine

The C-arm is called c-arm because its shape is similar to the English letter C. It is used for X-ray imaging equipment in interventional radiology and orthopedic surgery.

The main configuration of c-arm X-ray machine is: host (including mobile frame and console), X-ray generator, X-ray image intensifier (4.5 “, 6 “, 9 “three fields, camera (megapixel), monitor (LCD 17”), image processing workstation, trolley.

Product Advantages:

1. High frequency and high voltage generator to improve image quality and reduce radiation dose

2. Performance-to-price ratio is an ideal choice for medical units

3. Equipped with IBS, enhanced fluoroscopy, and adapted to different clinical needs

4. Megapixel camera, high image definition

5. Recursive noise reduction, Gamma correction, image enhancement, final frame holding, positive and negative display, up and down, left and right, 360° rotation at any Angle

6. Store patient data and information, and print graphic reports.


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