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X-Ray Gastrointestinal machine Configuration

Gastrointestinal machine is a medical device used for gastrointestinal fluoroscopy / photography, such as gastrointestinal examination, chest photography, skull and whole body bone photography, etc.


The function and purpose of the gastrointestinal machine are for gastrointestinal fluoroscopy / Photography,gastrointestinal examination, chest photography.And the configuration of the X-Ray Gastrointestinal machine is as follows,

1.High frequency and high voltage generator,at present, the generator usually uses at least 50KW.

2.Collimator, generally equipped with electric collimator.

3.Medical image intensifier TV system,with medical CCD camera,digital camera with pixel 105million,can be connected with computer host .

4.Diagnostic bed,bed move horizontally ±110mm, photography device travel >720mm.


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