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Call x-ray machine from multiple countries

As of Saturday (April 25, 2020), the number of deaths from New Coronavirus infections recorded in the UK has exceeded 20,000. This is currently the fifth highest number of deaths from the new coronavirus in the world, and does not include the death tolls of new coronaviruses in nursing homes and communities.

Critics said that after the threat of New Corona Virus to the UK became apparent, Prime Minister Johnson ’s response was too slow, and the Liberal Democratic Party called for an open investigation of the high mortality rate.

But Rab defended the way Britain handled the crisis. He said that if ministers do not heed scientific advice and make critical decisions at the right time, the death toll will be higher.

In addition, Rab expressed the need to be careful when answering the question of when the British government will prevent epidemic prevention. He said that even if people are to be unsealed, they need to maintain a certain social distance, and he believes that there will be a new normal for schools, sports and commercial activities.

British media revealed that although the British business community and some people called on the government to lift the current strict blockade as soon as possible and resume economic and social activities as soon as possible, Prime Minister Johnson allegedly believes that more caution is needed to prevent repeated epidemics
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