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Order x-ray machines in multiple countries

British Prime Minister Johnson will return to Downing Street to continue his full-time leadership after two weeks of recovery from infection with the new coronavirus.

During the Prime Minister’s illness, Foreign Secretary Rab, who was acting as the leader of the British government, said that Prime Minister Johnson had long looked forward to returning to his post.

After being admitted to hospital on April 5, Prime Minister Johnson spent a week in the hospital, including spending 3 nights in the intensive care unit.

During his hospitalization, he received oxygen therapy regularly.

After being discharged from hospital on April 12, Johnson suggested that his condition was unclear and praised the staff who took care of him at St Thomas Hospital in central London.

According to medical advice, Johnson was not formally engaged in any government work during the convalescence of the Prime Minister’s Chequers Country House after he was discharged from the hospital.

But last week, he had a telephone conversation with the Queen of England and US President Trump, and met with senior government officials including Rab and Chancellor of the Exchequer Sunak to discuss the next stage of the UK’s response to the new coronavirus epidemic.

Rab told the BBC ’s political affairs editor Andrew Marr that the Prime Minister ’s return to work is good news, and his return will help boost the confidence of the British government and the country.
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