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Can bedside x-ray machine replace ordinary x-ray machine?

Recently, a customer asked whether the bedside X-ray machine can replace the ordinary X-ray machine? Let me tell you about the bedside x-ray machine. The bedside is the bedside. The bedside x-ray machine refers to the x-ray machine that can be used at the bedside. It is a mobile diagnostic device that takes pictures of multiple parts of the body, extremities, thoracic cavity, waist and abdomen. Because of its small size, it can also be used for animal X-ray inspection.
So can bedside X-ray machines replace ordinary X-ray machines? This question depends on which parts of the body the doctor wants to examine. For example, a bedside X-ray machine for normal chest radiographs and extremities can replace ordinary X-ray machines. For those with special needs for examination parts, a dedicated X-ray machine is required.

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