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Why the dose of veterinary X-ray machine is low

As the pet fever continues to heat up, more or less families have pets. When pets have problems with bones, joints, chest and lung diseases, visceral diseases, etc., they will use veterinary X-ray machines when they go to the hospital. . Animals are not as obedient as humans, and they are likely to tremble when using a veterinary X-ray machine for filming. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the extremely short exposure time of a veterinary X-ray machine for filming.
The principle of veterinary X-ray machines and human X-ray machines is the same. X-rays are generated and belong to ionizing radiation. The difference is that the radiation dose of the X-ray machine for humans is very large, and a separate shielded room is required; while the radiation dose of the veterinary X-ray machine is very small, it generally does not need to be shielded separately, and the harm to people is small.



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