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Can I use a portable X-ray machine for orthopedics

Customers saw our portable X-ray machine products from our company’s website, and they expressed interest in our portable X-ray machine. Inquired about the specific needs of the client, the client said that he needed to take pictures of the limbs and chest, and asked whether the orthopedic parts can be taken clearly. Explain to the customer that the portable X-ray machine with a 100mA dose is a bit low, and some parts are not penetrated. It can take a person’s chest radiograph and limbs. It can be taken clearly. For orthopedics, it can be taken clearly, but the effect may not be very good. good. So I sent the information of our portable X-ray machine to the customer, and the customer expressed satisfaction. The pictures of our portable X-ray machine are as follows:

portable X-ray machine

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