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Can medical examination vehicle DR take lumbar spine?

The medical examination vehicle DR is a physical examination vehicle. It can be called in many ways, such as health examination vehicle, elderly physical examination vehicle, mobile physical examination vehicle, medical medical vehicle, gynecology physical examination vehicle, medical physical examination vehicle, multifunctional physical examination vehicle, and mobile medical Car waiting.
Medical examination vehicle DR is also known as: On-board DR, dedicated to special special vehicles such as physical examination vehicles and medical vehicles. It is more convenient than department DR and has quite good seismic effect. Customized physical examination vehicle DR on physical examination vehicles can be completed efficiently. Radiology medical examination items. When the medical vehicle manufacturer produces the medical examination vehicle DR, considering that the power of the medical examination vehicle DR is slightly lower than that of the department DR, and its radiation X dose is much smaller, so when producing the medical examination vehicle DR, they will establish a lead protection room and install the DR lead protection room. The physical examination vehicle center is to extend the service life of the physical examination vehicle and also make the mobile physical examination vehicle safer during driving.
After a long period of testing and practical application, our physical examination vehicle DR has no problem shooting the frontal position of the lumbar spine.

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