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    Medical Examination Vehicle

Medical Examination Vehicle

The medical examination vehicle can meet the requirements of the daily physical examination of units, schools, towns and other groups. It can also be used for people with limited mobility and cannot undergo physical examination. The physical examination vehicle can directly provide services without going to the hospital to meet the needs of different customers, different regions, and different tasks .

Function Areas
The medical examination vehicle is divided into driving area, work area, waiting area and inspection area. The internal partition structure, with lead-protected sliding doors, isolates the medical staff and the inspected personnel, and reduces the harm of radioactive substances to the medical staff. The vehicle is equipped with ultraviolet germicidal and disinfection lamps which are used for daily disinfection, and on-board air conditioners provide fresh air in the car.
The medical examination vehicle is modified with a light van. The driving area can accommodate 3 people. The rear compartment uses a medical lead plate with a lead protective sliding door and other etc manufacturing processes to protect the candidates in the waiting area, the drivers and medical staff are safety.
The waiting area is equipped with a medical bed and a square table where B-ultrasound ECG and other instruments can be placed. For B-ultrasound ECG and other examinations, the curtains can be pulled up to avoid light and protect the privacy of patients. The right side of the waiting area is the working area. It is used for the medical staff to control the operation and detection area. It is equipped with a computer. The computer is equipped with an image acquisition system. It is also equipped with a scan code gun. The scan code gun scans input the patient’s medical record card. The image acquisition system can realize the patient’s information registration, radiography position selection, exposure technical parameter setting, image preview processing and other operations. After setting, the hand switch from

the control box can make exposure. The work area is also equipped with a doctor-patient intercom device and an image monitor device. Through the monitoring screen and the talk-talking microphone, the doctor can ask the patient to move to the correct radiography posture. A foot switch is installed at the bottom of the operating table to control the protective sliding door in the inspection area.


Medical Examination Vehicle
Medical Examination Vehicle
Medical Examination Vehicle
Medical Examination Vehicle
Medical Examination Vehicle

Vehicle Specification


Item Parameters
Vehicle Type Light Van
Number of Passengers 3 People
Outside Dimensions L5980mm x W2370mm x H3350 mm
Container Internal Dimensions L4150mm x W2300mm x H2300 mm
Axle Distance 3280mm
Wheelbase Front 1620mm, rear 1560 mm
Total weight 4495kg
Curb Weight 2805kg
Approved Loading Weight 1495kg
Displacement/Power 2290ml/81kw
Bore X stroke 89 X 92 mm
Minimum Fuel Consumption Rate ≤205g/(kw·h)



Digital X Ray Specification

The detection area is equipped with the digital x ray machine which is  composed of high voltage generator, CCD detector, x ray tube assembly, collimator and mechanical auxiliary devices.

  1. Main technical parameters of CCD detector and x ray tube assembly


Item Parameters





Equipment Power Supply Requirements
Power Supply Voltage 220V±22V
Power Frequency 50Hz±1Hz
Power Supply Resistance Not more than 1.7Ω
Input Power 0.5KVA
Power Capacity Not less than 1KVA
X Ray Tube Assembly Column


Cross Arm Up and Down Movement

Range: 1000mm~1400mm±10mm

The minimum distance between the cross arm focus and the ground≥1000mm

X Ray Tube Assembly Rotation Rotation range: (0°~90°)±2°
X Ray Tube Assembly Rotation Left and

Right Movement

Range: 1000mm~1800mm ±10mm
CCD Detector Column
Column (Medical staff in the work area can control the x ray tube assembly and CCD detector by operating the  lifting and rotating movement switch on the

control box)

Range: 1000mm~140mm±10mm

The minimum distance between the cross arm focus and the ground≥1000mm

Adjustment Way Manual
Power Supply AC 24V 7A 50Hz
Max X Ray Tube Voltage ≤150kV
Radiography Field (SID 100cm)

SID is the distance from the focus to the film

≥100 lx
Light Source Limit Time Not more than 60s
Inherent Filtration mmAl Not less than 1.4 (70kV)



Medical Examination Vehicle



Lead Door Control Method Manual
Distance   From Focus to Installation


Weight kg <7kg±0.5Kg
Outlook Dimension (LxWxH)mm 257×185×185
High Voltage Generator
Voltage 220V±10%
Frequency 50Hz±1Hz
Internal Resistance Less than 0.3Ω
Power Not less than 4KW
kVp Range Radiography 40-150kV
mA Range Radiography 10-630mA (50kW)
Time Range Radiography 5-9000ms
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