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Can the X-ray tube be repaired?

The answer is of course, but it depends on the situation. The tube is one of the main components of the X-ray machine. It is a device that generates X-rays. Its function is to convert electrical energy into X-rays. The X-ray machine tube is the source of X-rays, and its importance can be imagined. Small (micro) focusing and large capacity, high frequency and high voltage and its stability, high-speed rotation of the anode (low noise), and uniformity of filament emission have become the development direction of the tube.
The tube is a consumable item, and it should be repaired or replaced according to different situations if it fails during use. It mainly includes the following three aspects, die failure, sleeve failure and radiator failure.
When the tube core needs to be repaired or replaced: the metal in the tube core is damaged or vaporized, the vacuum degree is reduced, the bulb storage time is too long: the filament has reached the service life, the bulb tube usage conditions are high; the tube core is loose, and the anode target surface appears Cracks or burns on the target surface; the rotor of the rotating anode is stuck or the clearance is too large after the bearing is worn; the tube is overloaded.
No need to replace the tube core and need maintenance: oil leakage from the tube sleeve, damage to the fan bearing, blockage of the filter, damage to the oil pump.
Therefore, the tube can be repaired and judged after seeing the fault.

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