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What are the styles of bucky stands?

The filming rack can be used as a component of the DRX machine to place the flat panel detector, and is a device that assists in the inspection of various parts of the human body.
There are many styles of bucky stands, including fixed and mobile. The fixed filming frame refers to the filming frame that needs to be fixed at a certain position on the ground, and the mobile filming frame refers to the filming frame that can be moved on the ground.
1. Function of vertical mobile radiography frame: It is suitable for radiography inspection of the head, abdomen, chest, pelvis, limbs and other parts of the human body.
2. Structure of vertical mobile filming frame: This device is composed of upright column, sliding frame, film holder, support arm and mobile base. It is suitable for different size cassettes, CR IP boards and DR with (without) line flat panel detectors. use.
3. Technical parameters of vertical mobile photography frame:
1. The total height of the photographic frame is 1800mm;
2. The height of the handle from the ground is 960mm;
3. The base size is 480mm*480mm;
4. Maximum film size: unlimited (the space between film clips is adjustable);
5. The support arm can bear 12kg, can swing 180 degrees left and right, and can swing -50/+30 degrees left and right.
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