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X-ray machine for lumbar spine (price)

In the process of consulting X-ray machines, many users asked which X-ray machines can be recommended if they want to take pictures of the lumbar spine. Let us find out today.
If you want to shoot the lumbar spine, you need at least a 200mA X-ray machine. Today, I recommend an X-ray machine that can shoot the lumbar spine – the sickle arm NK-502DRX-ray machine.
Application: It can be formed into a direct digital X-ray machine, which can realize upright photography and chest X-ray photography, and can perform supine photography in conjunction with the diagnostic bed and the curved arm of the rotating multi-function photographic frame.
Composition: DR frame (UC arm, sickle arm), X-ray high frequency and high voltage generator, console, X-ray tube assembly (tube), beam limiter, mobile photography flat bed, flat panel detector, digital workstation.
Product advantages:
1. Microcomputer control, LCD display, easy to operate;
2. Newly designed high-frequency and high-voltage generator, stable and accurate exposure conditions, reduce the amount of radiation and the generation of soft rays, and protect patients and doctors;
3. Simple and convenient body position display;
4. New design of sickle arm, more and more precise angles;
5. Reassuring safety function, failure (breakdown\trouble) automatic display, display fault wood, self-protective function);
6. Adopt digital flat panel detector with stable performance and reduce radiation dose.
We Weifang Newheek Electronic Technology Equipment Co., Ltd. is an import and export trading company that produces x-ray machines and accessories. If you want to know more details and prices of sickle arm DR, please contact us.

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