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Can X-rays damage your health?

X-rays are mildly harmful to the human body, but it also depends on the individual’s tolerance. Generally speaking, it does not have a big impact. In our daily life, we must consciously eat more vegetables and fruits, which is a kind of help to enhance our resistance. . X-rays are indeed harmful to human health. The greater the amount of X-ray exposure, the greater the damage to the human body. The amount of X-ray irradiation can be accumulated in the body, and its main harm is that it has a certain lethality to the leukocytes in the blood components of the human body, which reduces the number of leukocytes in the blood of the human body, which leads to the decline of the body’s immunity and makes it easy for germs to invade the body. disease.
According to the principle of X-ray theory, the safe exposure of patients should be within 100 roentgens during X-ray examination. For example, the total accumulation of chest X-ray within a few days should not exceed 12 minutes, and the gastrointestinal examination should not exceed 10 minutes. As for the radiography examination, the irradiation dose is different due to different parts, so the corresponding allowable irradiation times are also different. The health impact of patients having 2 or 3 examinations in a year is negligible. With the development of modern medicine and imaging, “green-sensitive screen” and “green-sensitive film” are currently used for film and cassette clips, so that the dose of X-ray exposure is reduced by 1/2 compared with the original dose, which makes it more The health of the patient is protected, and the diagnostic effect is not reduced in the slightest.Baby bones

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