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Classification of 500ma medical X-ray machine

The 500ma medical X-ray machine is divided into two types: film shooting and perspective. Recently, many customers are interested in our 500ma medical X-ray machine. The 500mA medical diagnostic X-ray machine is mainly used for the examination of thoracic and abdominal soft tissue fluoroscopy and photography.
Newheek 500ma medical X-ray machine ball tube allows load management and heat capacity management by microcomputer, which can better protect the X-ray tube.Fault self-diagnosis function, can quickly and accurately judge the fault state, and can automatically protect, display the fault code, then with maintenance.
Classification of 500ma medical X ray machine
And can be compatible with workstation more convenient, digital gastrointestinal upgrade.The exposure parameters can be set automatically and can be modified and saved according to the patient’s body shape and location.
Program control function, providing 96 possible combinations of control conditions, can also be manually adjusted as required, touch the button, convenient and fast.
Newheek 500ma medical X-ray machine can meet your different purchase needs.

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