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Installation and use of bucky stand

Bucky stand is one of the main parts of human body photography, and it can be used in a variety of medical diagnostic machines. It is easy to operate, flexible and reliable when shooting, and has a wide range of applications.
First, place bucky stand on a flat and hard ground 180cm away from the ball tube, so that the vertical center of the film box coincides with the center of the ball tube. After correct adjustment, align with the through hole center of 8.5 in the bottom of the device column, punch holes with an electric hammer and install four M8 expansion screws, and then tighten.
Installation and use of bucky stand
Secondly, open the bucky door of bucky stand, insert the selected chip box into the chip clip, push down, and place the chip box in the card holder, and then release it, and the chip box will be clamped automatically.Finally, the appropriate height of the film box can be adjusted according to the film location.
Newheek bucky stand can be divided into fixed type, mobile type and wall type.
The height of our bucky stand is about two meters, which can meet your different purchase needs.

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