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Wall-mounted Bucky stands for its advantages

The wall-mounted Bucky stand is an important part of the film – making.Recently, many customers are interested in our wall-mounted Bucky stand. A Bolivian customer inquired about our wall-mounted Bucky stand, and he thought that our thoracic film rack fully met his purchase demand.And our price is very favorable.
Our wall-mounted Bucky stand is mounted on a Wall or closet for head, abdomen, chest and pelvic cavity examinations. And the appearance design is simple and easy, easy to install, easy to operate, easy to disassemble, easy to carry.
Wall mounted Bucky stands for advantages
Moreover, our wall-mounted Bucky stand is small in size and light in weight, saving transportation costs for users.In addition, the unique l-shaped rotary handle design facilitates the operator to move up and down the vehicle.Suitable for different sizes of black box, CR IP board and with (no) line flat plate detector.
Newheek wall-mounted Bucky stand can meet your different purchasing needs.

Author: Glinda

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