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Advantages of UC arm X-ray machine

UC arm digital X-ray machine integrates its years of advanced experience and high-end technology in the field of medical digital imaging to ensure the stability and reliability of image quality and product performance.
UC arm direct digital X-ray machine can be vertical, horizontal movement and rotation, intelligent design, meet all parts of the human body multi-angle photography.
Advantages of UC arm X ray machine
Newheek UC arm reflector single CCD detector, the image quality is reliable and consistent for a long time, and the cost of use is greatly reduced.UC composite arm structure, which is universal in the world, reduces the requirement of the installation site and is convenient for clinical use.Moreover, our UC arm frame has infrared protection function and is completely reliable.The detector can be rotated to meet the requirements of multi-angle photography of all parts of the human body.
Our UC arm can meet your different purchase requirements.

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