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X-ray collimator internal structure

X-ray collimator is an important part of X-ray machine. X-ray collimator has built-in halogen lamp or LED lamp to simulate the positioning of X-ray beam.
Four x ray collimator screws can be used to offset the position of the X-ray collimator. However, they can only be used for a limited purpose. If you can’t do this, adjust the position of the reflector and the light bulb. Lateral deviation, lateral adjustment of the position of the bulb.
X ray collimator internal structure
The Angle of the filament relative to the reflector affects the focus of the filament onto the reflector and the clarity of the crosshair.The smaller the focus, the clearer the crosshair will be, and the larger the focus, the vaguer the crosshair will be.
Newheek x ray collimator can be divided into manual type and electric type, which can meet your different purchasing needs.

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