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Inquiry of 30mA mammography machine

Mr. R from Syria asked us about Newheek’s specific details of the mammography machine as follows:

Mammography machine

Do you know the mammography machine? Let me introduce you to the specific details of our Newheek mammography machine.
30mA Mammography X-Ray Machine

Mammography machine Mammography machine

Diagnosis of mammary gland tumor early lesion.
Obtain details mammary gland tumor image.
Show sharp image of nipple, mammary areola, skin, subcutis, fat, duct, gland
Tissue, connective tissue and blood vessel (includeAtV) etc tissue structure.
High diagnostic rate for distinguishing benign tumor and therioma.
Mobile design, it is easy to make radiography in ward or bed side.
If you want to know more about the Newheek mammography machine, please contact our customer service.

Author: Alina

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