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Classification of veterinary X-ray machines

The veterinary X-ray machine and human X-ray machines work in the same principle and produce x-rays and are ionizing radiation.The difference is that the radiation dose to the human X-ray machine is very large, need to do an independent shielding room; And the dose that radiates to moving X – ray machine is very small, do not need to make separate screen commonly, to the person harm is very small.
Classification of veterinary X ray machines
Newheek veterinary X-ray machines are classified into a variety of types with a range of operating frequency, high frequency, fixed, mobile and portable types.It can be used in the radiation room of pet hospital, pet clinic and other pet medical institutions to meet the requirements of photography of all parts of the body of pets of different body types.
And our veterinary X-ray machine has a shorter time for rapid imaging with higher working efficiency and direct computer imaging without film washing.Can be equipped with photographic bed surface can be around the front and rear four – way floating, electromagnetic braking, positioning more convenient and accurate.
Our veterinary X-ray machine can meet your various purchase requirements.

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