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Introduction of gastrointestinal machine advantages

Gastrointestinal machine is one of the important parts of human body examination. Its diagnostic bed is electric remote control. The bed is supported by both feet, so that the movement of the bed surface, the rotation of the bed, the slide of the pipe assembly and the motion of the compressor can be synthetically-protected to ensure human safety.
The imaging system can move vertically and horizontally along the bed, without moving the human motivation, thus providing a wide range of perspective/photography for clinical diagnosis.
Introduction of gastrointestinal machine advantages
The gastrointestinal machine adopts wireless mobile amorphous silicon flat plate detector, with a maximum field of photography of 14 “x 17”, which is light and convenient to use. The distance from the bed panel to the detector is short, which effectively reduces the magnification of the image and is clear and reliable.
Newheek gastrointestinal machine of lateral longitudinal movement range of carriage pipe components, electric control + 360 ° unlimited rotation of the foot pedal, but many-sided, multi-angle observation, make the operation doctor.
Our gastrointestinal machine can meet your different purchase needs.

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