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Introduction to dental panoramic X-ray machine

Dental panoramic x-rays are taken outside the mouth, meaning that the camera and film are taken outside the mouth. A dental panoramic X-ray machine projects light through the mouth onto a film or detector that rotates directly against the X-ray tube.
The basic design of a dental panoramic X-ray machine is that the image tube is placed on a horizontal bar that points to one side of the patient’s cheek, while the opposite horizontal bar points to the other side containing the X-ray film or detector. Typically, the head is positioned by the lower handle, forehead, and side, and the mouth is kept open with a bite stopper.
Introduction to dental panoramic X ray machine
The X-ray machine then rotates the bar in a semicircle around the patient’s head, starting at the bottom and ending at the other side.
Newheek dental X-ray machines are classified into various types, including fixed type, wall type and portable type.
Our dental panoramic X-ray machine can meet your different purchase requirements.

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