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Colombia customer consultation hand brake

Today, a Colombian customer sent an email to our company to inquire about our handbrake. After our email communication, he learned that he needed 10 L01 handbrakes with 3 cores and 4 meters, 5 L02 handbrakes with 3 cores and 6 meters and 5 A hand brake line with 3 cores and 6 meters. The L01 hand brake has 3 cores, usually 3 meters and 6 meters, and 4 meters need to be customized. In addition, our L01 handbrake not only has 3 cores but also 4 cores. In addition, we not only have L01 and L02 models, but also L03, L04, L05, L06 models and wireless handbrake models L09 and L10. With a wide variety of hand brakes and custom lengths, there is always one to suit your needs.
If you also want to buy a hand brake, please contact us.

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