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Medical X-ray Equipment

Medical X-ray equipment is one of the most common clinical applications. It uses X-rays as the basis for detection and diagnosis, and controls X-rays to be used for radiological examination and radiotherapy of human tissue, which can help doctors determine the specific condition of patients. . The company has portable and stationary x-ray machines, with different measurements for customers to choose according to their needs. The 100mA portable x-ray machine that our company sells is also cost-effective, and our company provides you with one-stop service, and you can buy a set of mobile DR equipment at an affordable price. The product is simple to operate, can be used quickly, and is controlled by a single-chip microcomputer and is easy to maintain. There are three exposure methods, remote control, hand brake type and interface button type. After receiving the goods, customers can install them by themselves, and they can be used after simple debugging.

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