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Components of X-ray machine

X-ray machine is an important diagnostic instrument in hospitals and clinics. So what are the components of the X-ray machine?
1) Power supply circuit: the total power supply of the x-ray machine. After the external power source passes through the power switch and the fuse, the autotransformer is energized.
2) X-ray tube: The x-ray tube can be described as the heart of the x-ray machine. It is the key component for generating x-rays.
3) High voltage generator: The high voltage generator is an important part of the host system of the x-ray machine. Its function is to increase the primary AC low voltage input by the autotransformer hundreds of times, and then output after rectification to provide DC high voltage for the two poles of the x-ray tube; the second is to output the AC voltage input by the primary circuit after stepping down , To provide heating current for the X-ray tube filament, and the third is to complete the switching of tube voltage and filament heating current between different loads.
4)High-voltage insulated cable: In medium and large x-ray machines, the high-voltage generator and the X-ray tube are separate components, and the two are connected together by two special wires. This kind of high-voltage transmission wire is called a high-voltage insulated cable.
5) Console: Among the basic circuits of x-ray machines, the structure is the most complicated, and the difference between models is the biggest.
6) Mechanical devices and auxiliary equipment: mainly electric diagnosis bed circuits, x-ray tube support device circuits, and spot positioning circuits.
The above are the components of the basic X-ray machine. If you need it, please send an email to

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