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Cow double column X-ray machine

According to the most recent report on the World Wide Web, a recent move by political strongman Putin once again proves that the Russian people have not misunderstood people. It is understood that the Russian Federation and local officials held a video conference. Before the start, Putin made a major decision: because of the new corona virus, it is necessary to provide an additional subsidy of 10 billion rubles for volunteers working on the front line in Russia. At such a critical moment, perhaps these subsidies do not represent anything, but it represents the concern of the Russian government. Now we all know that the epidemic is very dangerous. The new coronavirus is very contagious, and there are medical staff infected with the new corona virus in various countries. At present, there is a shortage of nurses in many countries. Although China is now slowly returning to normal, the global situation is still very optimistic.

Just now, Henan YL Instrument and Equipment Company G consulted our veterinary X-ray machine. They are mainly used for large cattle and sheep. They mainly check the internal organs of cattle and sheep. Because the size of the cow is relatively large, there are certain difficulties in filming. I only stood on the ground during the tenure to shoot. I recommend our double column and sickle arm (as shown below)

The bed above the double-column is used to place small animals, if the large cattle directly push the bed away.
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