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The customer asked about the type of X-ray machine

On May 14, I received a call from a customer in Inner Mongolia. The customer said that they wanted to use a medical C-arm X-ray machine, asked if we had any related products, replied that they did, but they didn’t know much about the products, so they became customers to explain some knowledge of C-arm. C-arm X-ray machine: as the name suggests, the equipment has a C-frame, a ball tube that produces X-ray, and a camera that collects images

Image intensifier and CCD camera, as well as image processing workstation. It is mainly used in various operationsRadiography, photography and other work. In addition, it also differs from other X-ray equipment, such as U-arm, g-arm, etc.

Medical C-arm is divided into three types: small C, medium C, large C. small C is mainly used for 1. Orthopedics: osteosynthesis, reduction, nailing 2. Surgery: foreign body removal, cardiac catheterization, pacemaker implantation, partial interventional treatment, partial radiography and local photography 3. Definition of medium C: peripheral interventional C-arm, commonly known as “medium C” in the industry, not only to improve the power of the ball tube It can be called “medium C”. Large C: DSA is an advanced X-ray diagnostic technology for image processing by computer,

Newheek C-arm X-ray machine is a movable X-ray machine which integrates light, machine and image processing technology. It is generally composed of high voltage generator, X-ray tube, operation control system, display and other parts. The imaging of C-arm X-ray machine is two-dimensional, intuitive and clear. It is easy for surgeons to master and popularize. In order to cooperate with the operation of different parts of different patients

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