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Customer calls to inquire about the use of C-arm X-ray machine

On May 14, a customer called to say that they purchased our product C-arm medical machine in January this year, and inquired about some use and maintenance matters in detail, so it became the customer’s explanation of the problems that should be paid attention to in the use of the product.

1. In the operation management, the movable C-arm must be operated, used and managed by professional radiation technicians. Because of the normal operation and management of the machine, it is directly related to the normal operation and the application life of the machine. Before the operation, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection as required, and check whether the C-arm X-ray machine is in normal working condition. The brightness of control console and monitor shall be adjusted to the appropriate position. When other devices are ready, radiation workers shall understand the anatomy of various parts of the human body, be familiar with the photographing conditions of different parts of the human body, so as to meet the requirements of different specialties and different surgical processes, and jointly complete the imaging examination. Therefore, the specialization of radiation personnel is conducive to the management of machine operation.

2. The new heek C-arm x-ray machine with stable performance shall be used for the management of detection and maintenance, and the radiation professional maintenance personnel shall be responsible for the regular detection and maintenance of the C-arm. The inspection of X-ray irradiation area shall be carried out every year in order to reduce the radiation hazard of workers.

3. Management of operation.

3.1) when the movable C-arm power supply is required to be installed, pay attention to the current above 220V and 100mA, so as to avoid the “current” causing damage to the integrated circuit of the machine. The power cord of the monitor shall be plugged into the 16A socket with protective grounding.

3.2) be familiar with the operation method and precautions of C-arm movement, and avoid collision with shadowless lamp, operating table and other objects during the movement. It is necessary to prepare for the application of the machine in advance, especially to be familiar with the projection methods of various postures, and to design the preoperative Radiation-guided postures to avoid collision.

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