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Does X-ray of X-ray machine affect human body

X-ray is slightly harmful to the human body, but it also depends on the individual’s tolerance problem. Generally speaking, there should be nothing. In life, consciously balancing nutrition and eating more fruits and vegetables will help you resist some diseases.

In order to make a clear diagnosis, clinicians often need patients to go to the radiology department for various examinations, such as fluoroscopy, radiography, barium meal of digestive tract and special radiography. The most common question is: do these tests have a great impact on my health? To answer this question, it’s not easy to say it in one sentence, and the specific situation should be treated specifically

First of all, we should talk about the basic principle of X-ray. X-ray is emitted by X-ray machine, which was discovered by German physicist Rontgen William Conrad on November 8, 1895. At that time, because people didn’t know about this kind of ray, they gave it an unknown name of “X”. Later, people called it “X-ray”. On the one hand, it was to reduce patients’ excessive X-ray intake (fluoroscopy is larger than X-ray), on the other hand, it can also provide evidence for diagnosis of diseases, so as to facilitate treatment and reexamination

Although the X-ray examination is safe for the vast majority of people, it should be emphasized that because the fetus, infants and children are very sensitive to X-ray, so pregnant women, infants and children should try to avoid X-ray examination. If examination is necessary, especially for pelvic measurement or fetal examination, the number of exposures shall not exceed 2-3. The X-ray examination of infants and young children should only expose the examined parts, and the rest should be covered. Under normal circumstances, it should be relatively safe if the allowable exposure time and times are not exceeded.

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