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X ray machine is a medical device that effectively monitors viruses

A billboard on Times Square in New York turned into “Trump’s Death Clock”, recording the death toll of COVID-19. The designer of “Death Clock” said that this can be attributed to the president’s inaction. Some epidemiologists say that if the White House takes action one week earlier, about 60% of deaths can be avoided. The number of diagnoses of COVID-19 in the United States currently exceeds 1.38 million, which is the largest number in the world. The inaction of the government has caused many ordinary people to pay less attention, so the virus has not been timely and effectively controlled. X-ray machines and mobile DRs are medical devices that effectively check for viruses. In addition, our company supplies bucky stands, DR flat panel detectors, medical high-voltage cables and x-ray grids, etc. If you have any needs, please contact us!



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