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Features and advantages of digital X-ray imaging (DR)

1. Features and advantages of digital X-ray imaging (DR)
Digital imaging (DR) has clear and delicate images, high resolution, wide gray scale, large amount of information, and large dynamic range.
2. High density resolution and obtaining more image details are the most important features of digital X-ray imaging (DR) over ordinary radiographic imaging.

Coupling mode of cesium iodide detector
3. The DR projection speed is fast, and the influence of motion artifacts is very small. Especially for children who cry and move easily and elderly patients who are intolerant to hold their breath.
4. DR imaging has small radiation. Because the sensitivity of the digital X-ray imaging (DR) flat panel detector is much higher than that of ordinary X-ray films, it only needs a relatively small amount of energy to obtain a satisfactory image. Shooting digital X-ray images (DR) is 30% -70% less than normal image radiation.
5. The digital image is better than the traditional X-ray image for displaying bone structure, articular cartilage and soft tissue. The digital image is easy to display the mediastinal structures such as blood vessels and trachea, and the detection rate of nodular lesions is higher than the traditional X-ray image .

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