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Customer asks X-ray machine for security check

Recently, I received a call from a client who said that they need to use the X-ray machine for security check. We can meet their needs by replying to the client. X-ray security check machine is a classification of X-ray security check equipment, which is also widely known as X-ray machine, X-ray scanner, security check machine, security check X-ray machine, security check instrument, etc. That is to say, the principle of X-ray penetration imaging is used to check the baggage package in the form of image after acquisition and processing.

The X-ray machine for these inspections generally has several functions, and the security inspection machine has the functions of detecting, identifying, prompting and standardizing the objects. The security inspection machine can identify and alarm tools, weapons, ethanol toluene, sulfuric acid and other items, greatly improving the efficiency of security inspection, reducing the work intensity and effectiveness of security inspectors. Identity identification of items and personnel: through the consistency record of personnel identity and carried items, it effectively increases the relevance of people and objects and the effectiveness of afterwards tracing, which is more feasible In order to give early warning of the identity of the criminal ex convicts in advance.

Principle of X-ray machine for security inspection: it is mainly composed of X-ray tube, X-ray machine power supply and control circuit, and X-ray tube is composed of cathode filament (cathod), anode target (anode) and vacuum glass tube. The power supply of X-ray machine can be divided into high voltage power supply and filament power supply, wherein the filament power supply is used to heat the filament, and the high voltage output end of high voltage power supply is located at cathode filament and anode target respectively At both ends, a high-voltage electric field is provided to accelerate the active electrons on the filament to flow to the anode target, forming a high-speed electron flow. This is the new heek X-ray machine

When the ionizing substance is irradiated by X-ray, it makes the electron out of the atomic orbit, which is called ionization. In the process of photoelectric effect and scattering, the process of photoelectrons and recoil electrons separating from their atoms is called primary ionization,

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