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x ray machine, as an auxiliary product to control the epidemic

The Chinese media “Caixin” quoted personnel from Wuhan’s disease control department as saying that the nucleic acid testing was mainly performed by a third-party testing company. The hospitals and disease control departments in each district will deploy staff to sample. According to the plan, a group of 2 people will be arranged. Each group will take one sample every 3 minutes on average, and 300 samples can be taken in 10 hours a day.

According to the official “Hubei Daily” report on May 14, Wuhan currently has 63 nucleic acid testing institutions and 386 sampling sites. The daily detection capacity is 70,000. “Under the limit state, Wuhan’s daily nucleic acid detection capacity can reach 100,000 copies.” The Hubei Provincial People’s Hospital, which has the largest amount of nucleic acid detection among medical institutions in Hubei Province, had previously detected a maximum of 1,741 copies per day.

Yang Zhanqiu, a professor at the Institute of Virology of Wuhan University, quoted on Tuesday from the Global Times, a tabloid of the People ’s Daily, the official media of the Communist Party of China, said that Wuhan expanded the detection range in April. Able to test the remaining 6-8 million people in 10 days. ”

However, according to the news released by the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission, as of 24:00 on April 29, 2020, Wuhan City has conducted a total of 1.03 million nucleic acid tests.

How many tests can be completed in 10 days is currently unknown.
Under such circumstances, x ray machine, as an auxiliary product, greatly controlled the development of the epidemic.

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