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Customer calls to inquire about the conditions of use of the bucky stand

Newheek has a wide variety of bucky stands, and there are many options for use in the environment. Recently, a customer called us to ask us about the conditions of the bucky stand. They said that it is a general outpatient hospital. Recently, there is a physical examination project and need to go out to use, he would like to ask whether we have a bucky stand that can be used for out-of-office physical examinations. Reply to customers that our new cart-type bucky stand can meet the use of out-of-office physical examination. The bucky stand is small in size and light in weight, and the film box can be moved in multiple directions. The use conditions of the bucky stand can fully meet the use of out-of-home medical examination.

The customer asked us about the specifications of this bucky stand, it is best to bring the live pictures, and then sent to the customer the product information of our bucky stand and its pictures and video, the customer was very satisfied.

If you are interested in our bucky stands, please contact us.

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