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How to choose the right hand switch wire length?

Newheek hand switch is one of the company’s main products. It is mainly divided into wired and wireless. The wired hand switch is divided into one gear, two gears and three gears. The standard configuration is handle, coil and bracket. Recently, many customers have asked about the hand switch. How long is the coil? The standard configuration of Newheek hand switch coil is 30cm, 60cm. 100cm. They are made of 3m, 6m, and 10m straight lines, which can be stretched indefinitely and have strong resilience. The hand switch wire should be selected according to the specific requirements of the customer. The hand switch wire is too long, which not only looks unsightly, is inconvenient to use, but also weakens the signal strength and causes problems such as exposure delay. However, the hand switch wire is too short to help the doctor stay away from radiation. Of course, if you need more quantity, Newheek can also customize the coil length according to customer needs.

Choose the length of the hand switch wire according to the specific needs of the customer.If you need such a device, welcome to contact us!

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