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Customer consultation C-arm X-ray machine

On May 26, a customer called to inquire about the X-ray machine of C-arm. So I will explain to the customer: the C-arm X-ray machine is a movable X-ray machine integrating light, machine and image processing technology, which is generally composed of high-voltage generator, X-ray tube, operation control system, display and other parts. The imaging of C-arm X-ray machine for examine is two-dimensional, intuitive and clear. It is easy for surgeons to master and popularize. In order to cooperate with the operation of different parts of patients, the C-arm X-ray machine commonly used in orthopedics is bedside mobile type, which plays a unique role in orthopedic surgery positioning, inspection of reduction effect, development and treatment of minimally invasive surgery.

In addition, when using the equipment, we should also pay attention to the radiation released by the C-arm X-ray machine, which is mainly reflected in two aspects, doctors and patients, as well as the precautions during the operation.

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