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Some points to pay attention to when using C-arm

1. When the operation Department issues the operation notice, it should indicate the C-arm X-ray machine and its irradiation position in the notice. So that the operating room can arrange the operation and prepare the protective materials and personnel.

2. The nurses should inform the patients of the significance of the intraoperative examination during the preoperative visit to get the understanding and cooperation of the patients. At the same time, we should know the general situation of patients, such as whether there is pacemaker, steel plate, screw, intramedullary needle, etc. Tell the patient to remove the metal objects before the operating room to prevent false shadow.

3. The protection during the operation includes the protection of doctors, nurses and patients: the surgeons carefully check the patients before the operation, and read X-rays and c-films. To understand the characteristics of anatomic sites and to be familiar with the imaging of bony structures.

4. The nurses in the operating room are fast-paced, busy, nervous and irregular in their life, and they are in a variety of risk factors, which pose a great threat to their physical and mental health. The protection of ionizing radiation is one of the important factors. Therefore, on the one hand, the operation nurses should be regularly trained on C-arm X-ray machine and connection knowledge.

5. The application of C-arm X-ray machine in operation, whether doctors, nurses or patients, is not clear about the dose of radiation exposure, and there is no means of health monitoring, which has no basis for the diagnosis and protection of radiation diseases. It is suggested that when C-arm X-ray machine is used in operation, relevant personnel should wear personal dose monitor.

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