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What role will it play in international cooperation on vaccines,for x ray machine

Vaccines are a powerful shield against the virus as the challenges of the epidemic remain severe.Li keqiang, the prime minister delivered a speech at the meeting, which indicates that the Chinese vaccine research and development and the positive attitude of international cooperation is resistance to disease, emphasis on the Chinese side will continue to support the world health organization (who) play a key role in vaccine research and development as a whole, etc, and promote the vaccine multicenter clinical trial and research and development achievements listed use as soon as possible, to the world to provide safe, effective and high quality of global public goods.
For a period of time in the past, China actively supports the UN general assembly through “about COVID – 19 outbreak medicines, vaccines and medical equipment in the international cooperation” resolution, active participation in the who experiment with “unity” and who will accelerate COVID – 19 vaccines and drugs research and development, production and fair distribution of global cooperation initiative, recently also has participated in the aspects, such as the European Union by dealing with COVID – 19 outbreak international pledging conference.
x ray machine has conveyed the confidence and determination of the international community to join hands in fighting the epidemic

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