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Recently, a customer consulted our 500ma X-ray machine

Recently, a customer consulted our X-ray machine, the customer is a private hospital, mainly used for X-ray diagnosis.
X-rays are used in medical diagnosis, mainly based on X-ray penetration, differential absorption, light sensitivity and fluorescence. When X-rays pass through the human body, they are absorbed to different degrees. For example, the amount of X-rays absorbed by bones is more than that absorbed by muscles, then the amount of X-rays after passing through the human body is different. Information, there is a big difference in the intensity of the fluorescent effect or the photosensitive effect caused on the fluorescent screen or the photographic film. Therefore, shadows of different densities will be displayed on the fluorescent screen or the photographic film (after development and fixing). According to the contrast of shades, combined with clinical manifestations, laboratory results and pathological diagnosis, it can be judged whether a certain part of the human body is normal. As a result, X-ray diagnostic technology became the earliest non-traumatic visceral inspection technology in the world.
According to the situation of this customer, I recommended our 500ma filming machine to the customer. The customer was satisfied and decided to purchase it after further understanding.

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