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Radioprotection of X-ray machine during operation

X-ray machine is a very important equipment in the hospital, it is divided into different types because of different effects. The appearance of C-frame is called C-arm, which plays an indispensable role in clinical operation. It can move flexibly and effectively help doctors diagnose and monitor the important links of operation in time. General X-ray machine is mainly used in orthopedic surgery, cervical and lumbar pain, peripheral blood vessels and non blood vessels. It is composed of X-ray tube, image intensifier, CCD camera and image processing workstation. It is mainly used in various kinds of operation, such as radiography and so on. In addition, it is also different from other X-ray equipment, such as C-arm X-ray machine, U-arm and so on. The exposed workers must carry out dose detection. The dosimeter can accurately display the radiation exposure of the workers and check the recorded value of the dosimeter every month. It should be noted that there is no absolutely safe dose of radiation.

The exposure time of X-ray machine should be shortened as much as possible. On the premise of meeting the quality of diagnosis and treatment, the shorter the exposure time is, the smaller the exposure quantity of the operator and the patient will be, which is in direct proportion to each other. The operator of C-arm machine shall be skilled in time protection to avoid repeated irradiation

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