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Precautions for X-ray machine installation rack

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The death threat incident attracted the attention of fans, and even passers-by asked YG to protect Lisa.
In fact, this is not the first time Lisa has encountered death threats. In the Korean entertainment circle, there are many love beans that have been threatened with death. Most popular female artists and male artists have been threatened. Lisa was threatened in the past month, but did not expect that his teammates also suffered. In BLACKPINK, Jennie, who is called “Chanel on Earth”, was threatened with death on June 6. Like threats from Lisa, the threaters also showed guns.


When installing the X-ray machine, do not rush to remove the support rod and head support frame in the middle of the column of the X-ray machine. Refer to the instruction manual until there are clear instructions to remove the support rod and head support frame.
1. After marking, punch Φ9 bolt holes in the wall and the ground.
2. Use M8 expansion bolts to install the wall support on the wall (note that spring pads and flat pads are added under the nuts).
3. After erecting the upright of the X-ray machine, use screws, nuts, spring washers, and flat washers to install the upright support on the upright.
Don’t touch the column of X-ray machine, the bottom plate and the head support force.

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