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How to protect users and patients of X-ray machine

Under the premise of not affecting the effect of diagnosis and treatment, the radiation received by the staff and patients should be as low as possible. It can be achieved by shortening the irradiation time, increasing the distance and using radiation shielding.

Nurses should wear protective clothing before operation and X-ray monitoring card under the lead clothing before operation, so as to track and supervise the annual radiation dose. During the shooting, close the doors and windows to prevent radiation diffusion, and turn on the red warning light at the entrance of the operating room, so as to prevent irrelevant personnel from entering by mistake. According to the operation, it should be as far away from the radiation source as possible, and more than 2 m away from the radiation source is safer. During the continuous operation, the irrelevant personnel should leave the operation room.

C-arm light machine is mainly used in vascular surgery, interventional surgery, orthopedics, general surgery, urology and so on. The system of C-arm X-ray machine can make X-ray send out from the ball tube at one end of C-arm, penetrate the human body, receive the transmitted x-ray signal from the receiving device at the other end of C-arm, send it to the post level image workstation through image intensifier for processing and conversion into digital signal, and display it on the special monitor.

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