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customer consultation industrial testing parts related knowledge

On April 29, a customer came to visit our factory. The customer is a sewer pipe manufacturer. Then he asked us if we could test it. He replied that the customer could test it. Previously, some customers asked such questions for industrial  testing machines of industrial departments, usually industrial non-destructive testing X-ray machines (non loss testing). Such portable X-ray machines can test various industrial components , electronic components, circuit interior. For example, the inspection of rubber internal line connection of socket plug, internal welding of diode, etc. Bji-xz, bji-uc and other industrial detection X-ray machines are X-ray machines that can be connected to computers for image processing. Such industrial detection portable X-ray machines provide excellent solutions for the field of factory home appliance maintenance.

With the development of light and thin electronic products, the introduction of environmental protection materials, and the improvement of consumers’ requirements for product quality, X-ray machine NDT instruments have been introduced in electronic manufacturing, IC packaging, lithium battery, diode, triode and other related industries, which provides opportunities for the development of X-ray NDT technology.

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