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Customer consultation X-ray machine for medical diagnosis

On May 25, a call was received from a client who said they were a private clinic. I saw the X-ray machine used for medical diagnosis on our company’s official website. I wanted to know the specific details, so I explained it to the customer.

Medical technology is changing. In the field of Radiology, what used to be really beautiful is now better. Now, computer radiography is digital.

Computer radiography stores X-ray images on a computer so that they can be sent electronically. The X-ray is processed by a “reader machine”, placed on a computer, and then sent electronically to the radiologist to interpret the X-ray. Because of the speed and efficiency of image transmission, this technology is very exciting for rural medical institutions. This is the newheek medical diagnostic X-ray machine.

The benefits of radiography include: Dr reduces patient examination time and has faster turnaround time for physicians to examine, which is particularly useful in emergency situations. A portable X-ray machine is used during the operation, so doctors can immediately see if the bones are placed correctly or the pins are placed correctly. Through Dr’s upgrade technology, patients and technicians receive half of the radiation of CR. Dr improves image quality.

Medical imaging procedures may cause unnecessary radiation exposure due to the patient’s signs and symptoms, or when other small dose tests may be performed, which are not medically reasonable. Even if the examination is medically reasonable, without sufficient information about the patient’s medical imaging history, the referring physician may unnecessarily prescribe the repetition of the imaging process that has been performed.

50kW medical diagnostic x-ray machine that can take radiography and fluoroscopy


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