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Pet hospital customers ask about the price of X-ray machine

Recently, I received a call from a customer from Zhejiang Province. The customer claimed that they were a pet hospital. He wanted to ask about the price of the pet X-ray machine. After the quotation, the customer asked if there was a wireless remote control X-ray machine. So I recommended the power frequency mobile X-ray machine to the customer. Then I explained the specific technical parameters to the customer. The power supply voltage was 220 V ± 22 V AC Hertz, and the power frequency was 5 v Ten ± 0.5Hz, power capacity ≥ 8KVA, maximum internal resistance of power supply: 1 Ω and then tell the customer that the operation mode of pet X-ray machine is intermittent loading and continuous operation.

Now the market is getting bigger and bigger, the business of customers is getting bigger and bigger, more and more pets come into the domestic families, and the pet owners’ care and attention to their own children are getting more and more refined. From daily diet to pet medical treatment, we need to compare and communicate with each other from time to time in order to use it for our pets at ease. Newheek pet X-ray machine has been unanimously recognized by the market

In daily activities, curious kittens and puppies may swallow foreign matters that cannot be discharged by themselves; lively and active children may also accidentally have accidents. At this time, the pet X-ray machine can be used. As the name implies, pet X-ray machine is the same as human medical X-ray machine, which uses X-ray penetration imaging. The radiation of pet X-ray machine is smaller than that of human medical X-ray machine. So basically you don’t need to worry too much.

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