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Application scope of portable X-ray machine

On May 19, I received a call from the customer, inquired about the application scope of the portable X-ray machine, and then sent the relevant parameters to the customer, then explained the specific situation of the portable X-ray machine to the customer.

Veterinary practice

Portable X-ray generators can help veterinarians provide clear images, while animals and other patients receive small doses of radiation. Lower radiation levels minimize other medical problems. Portable X-ray generators are also used faster than other radiography techniques, which are particularly useful when dealing with moving and cumbersome animals.

Emergency care centers can also benefit from the use of X-ray generators. Emergency care centers have been set up to provide important medical services for patients who have not yet reached the state of emergency. If a patient thinks they have a fracture, the radiologist can take a clear X-ray to quickly determine if there is a fracture or sprain. Using the newheek portable X-ray machine means that patients can get faster services and treatment, which is an important aspect of the ability of the emergency care center to treat the most needed people.

dental clinic

Portable X-ray generator is easier to move and operate than other forms of radiography equipment. This is helpful for dentists who have to X-ray specific teeth from a specific angle. Dentists can also place a portable X-ray machine on a stand or mobile device to make the device more stable and flexible in use – with clearer images available at any time.

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