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How do customers get Newheek X-ray U-arms?

Newheek U-arm outlooking is beautiful, equipped with high frequency and high frequency generator, and high quality X-ray Tube and Collimator.
It can rotate 90 degrees, shoot standing or lie on a Radiology Table.
Radiology Table belongs to the selection, customers can choose according to their own needs.
Our conversation has always been more popular than in the market, many customers will inquire about our U-arm.
But how can we get our offer for the U-arm?

We need your company information.
Need your cell phone number;
We need you to provide the configuration of the chest film rack you need, such as mobile side-mounted film electric, fixed front-mounted film electric, etc.
Quantity required.
This information will facilitate us to make quotations for you. We will give you feedback soon after we get this information and give you the most suitable price.

If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.

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