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What is the difference between X-ray diagnosis system and DR?

Medical X-ray machines are similar to DR equipment in that they are all used in radiology examinations in medical diagnosis. They all use: the physical penetration effect of rays, which can perform fluoroscopy and inspection on the internal tissues of the human body for rapid diagnosis Treat the disease in time.

The difference between the medical x-ray machine and the DR machine is that the traditional medical x-ray machine cannot display the image directly on the screen after the film is taken, and only needs the film to display. The time interval from shooting to film release is relatively long. The ar machine is a digital high-frequency intelligent x-ray machine. The DR machine directly replaces the function of the film with a matrix, which can be displayed on the computer monitor after shooting. This advantage greatly saves the time of a diagnosis. Secondly, from the perspective of imaging effects, the medical X-ray machine and the DR machine are also different. The signal of the medical X-ray machine is lost during the shooting process, and the imaging effect of the DR machine is clearer. DR machine does not need consumables, and it can benefit for life for a single investment. Therefore, hospitals at all levels are now more in favor of DR machines, gradually phasing out traditional medical x-ray machines.


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